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Publication: Journal paper: Ulving 1968, on Sino-Germanic (~Indo-European).

Tor Ulving 1968: “Indo-European elements in Chinese?”, Anthropos 63/64: 943–951. [ISSN 0587-5161]

(It is a neutral review on Ulenbrook 1967)

Main text written in English.

Primitive chaining method. Etymological units in Karlgren's index of Chinese characters.

Selected phonetic data within DOM: Old Chinese in Karlgren's reconstruction-transcription system.

Primary target non-Chinese language: Proto-Indo-European. Occasionally referred target languages: none. P-IE according to Pokorny's IEW.

Results of common etymological units: | Old Chinese ∩ Proto-Indo-European | = 238.

Positions on definitions: not discussed.


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