Communication Centre for Sino-Uralic and Sino-Germanic Etymology and Affinity Studies

Publication: Book chapter: Pulleyblank 1995, on Sino-Germanic (~Indo-European).

Edwin G. Pulleyblank 1995: “The historical and prehistory relationships of Chinese” – William Shi-Yuan Wang (ed.) The Ancestry of the Chinese Language (Journal of Chinese Linguistics, Monograph Series 8), Berkeley.

Main text written in English.

Primitive chaining method. Etymological units in numbers, Chinese characters are given.

Selected phonetic data within DOM: Old Chinese in author's own reconstruction-transcription.

Primary target non-Chinese languages: Proto-Indo-European, Tibetan, Burmese. Occasionally referred target languages: selection from references. Target languages in transcriptions. P-IE according to Pokorny's IEW.

Results of common etymological units: | Old Chinese ∩ Proto-Indo-European | = 24.

Positions on definitions: Inclined to common grounds of Sino-Tibeto-Indo-European in western China and Central Eurasia in more than 6000 years ago.


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