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Publication: Serial paper: Zhou 2004, on Sino-Germanic (~Indo-European).

ZHOU Jixu[周及徐] 2004: “Correspondences of Cultural Words between Old Chinese and Proto-lndo-European”, Sino-Platonic Papers 125, Philadelphia. [ISSN 2157-9679]

Main text written in English.

Half DOM method, half Comparative method. Etymological units in numbers. Chinese characters are given.

Selected phonetic data within DOM: Old Chinese in Zhengzhang's reconstruction-transcription system. Pre-Old Chinese in author's own reconstruction-transcription system.

Primary DOM target language: English. Occasionally referred target languages: selection from references. English in orthography. Other languages as citations. Primary etymological reference for target language: Origins: a Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English.

Results of common etymological units: | Chinese ∩ (some representatives of Indo-European languages) | = 97.

Old Chinese & some representatives of Indo-European languages 97.

Positions on definitions: “, we can consider that their intimate relationship was not of short duration, but rather lasted a very long time: from the Stone Age to the start of the period of agricultural civilization.


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