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Publication: Journal paper: Gao 2014, on Sino-Finnic.

Gao, Jingyi [高晶一] 2014: Rhyme correspondences between Sinitic and Uralic languages: On the example of the Finnish  -ala and -aja rhymes – Linguistica Uralica 50.2: 94–108. [ISSN 0868-4731] (TR: A&HCI-2012) (ERIH: B)

Main text written in English.

Using revived etymological methods, this work demonstrates 22 Sinitic and Uralic shared etymologies. Ten of those belong to two rhyme correspondences, which are very strict and evidential.




Access to the publication (DOI: 10.3176/lu.2014.2.02) (incl. , free of charge)


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