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Memorandum of Meeting on November 12, 2005

Participants from the faculty: Mr. Bent Greve, Mr.    , Mr. Andrea    , Ms Danyi Wang,

Participants from the students: Hui Xu, Jiamin Shi, Shengqi Dong, Lin Wang, Mingyu Zhu, Dong Xu, Jin Qian, Yu Zhang and some other students for observation

Place: building 22.2

Main Contents

l        Reimbursement of Program Fee

The Dean said he would not deal with this topic in today’s meeting, only quality of education.

l        Overseas service charge and interview fee

The Dean mentioned about some students claimed that they paid overseas service charge to the agents before leaving China.  The amount for the overseas service charge varied, but some were as high as RMB20, 000.  The Dean alleged that RUC didn’t take any overseas service charge from any agents.

When some students mentioned about having paying a register fee of Euro300 to the agents as well, again the Dean said RUC didn’t take that fee.  For the interview fee of Euro200 charged by RUC during the interview in China on the students of module IV which have never been refunded, Ms Wang alleged that she had returned it to the agents and agreed to get the agents to refund the students.

l        Supervision

The students mentioned the research areas of some supervisors for project work are not on economics which have influenced the quality of supervision.  The Dean said the students now are allowed to choose from all faculty of the department subject to the availability, not only limited to the list of the persons provided.  He also asked for a list of the supervisors and related dissertations that students were not satisfied with and in the future if students are not satisfied with the supervision, they could go to him and he will help to locate a right one.  A student mentioned that she was not given the supervisor she had chosen and is not satisfied with her current one.  

l        Courses

The Dean provided with a sheet of “Examples of Master level courses taught in English” which students can choose from as selective courses.  But these courses haven’t been showed in English on the website of RUC and neither published to Chinese Students although most of them were taught already in 2005.  The Dean promised that they will be on the website in English soon.

As to the courses related to business administration, the Dean emphasized that it is impossible for the university to provide courses on business administration.  While some students raised that before they were recruited they saw an introduction from one agent showing this program is a combination of MPA and MBA.  The Dean said it was the mistake of that agent, not the University.  And the University could not use this agent if document verifies that it provided incorrect information to candidates. He demonstrated a print material showing on RUC’s website and insisted that this has always been the introduction of the program since it started.  But students from Module IV said that they didn’t see this material on RUC’s website before they came to RUC although they had tried to search some information on the program, while what they had found was very limited. All the documents students received before coming to RUC only stated MEA, no MPA, and neither MAP (MEA).  

When students asked whether they can choose courses of other college or university, the Dean said an application must be submitted to the study board before attending and students can only attend the course when it is approved by the study board and of course the course provider.  The process of approval could take quite a long time. But the course doesn’t incur any extra charge.  

l        Certificate of Degree

A sample of the certificate of degree was provided by the Dean, which was confirmed to be exactly the same as what a Danish Student gets. The students need to have a study and get back to it later.

l        Internship

The Dean admitted and felt sorry for the document he received showing that students of Module IV had been promised an internship which the University is not able to provide.  What the University can only provide is voluntary trainee, which will be showed on RUC’s website in English soon and is open to Chinese students as well.

l        International environment

The Dean said this could only be improved by students’ selecting more courses outside of the program.

Response from Students

l              After studying the sample of the certificate of degree, we still cannot accept it, because “Master of Science in Public Administration on the basis of the following study programme Economics and Administration” still means the study is on public administration within economics and administration.  

l              If they are not satisfied with the supervisor, the students expect to have the rights to apply for a change and can get response from the Department in less than 10 days.

l              About the example of the courses taught in English, since the students have never taken part in, they need to know the schedule of these courses in the future, such as when to apply, who the lecturers will be, where they will take place.

l                      All students who have complained about the MEA program should be treated equally as all other students in the evaluation of their exams and thesis as well as the capability to get the degree.

Recorder: Hui Xu, Jiamin Shi, Lin Wang, Dong Xu, Jin Qian, Minyu Zhu, Yu Zhang and Shengqi Dong of MEA program

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And the Dean and the professor emphasized that RUC is a university, not a business school,teaching MBA courses is the resposibility of business school.

I can't accept this excuse, if they use MEA as the title of this program, it should be included public administration and business administration. And as a university, they should provide more general courses than a business school.

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what an english!

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我怎么都觉得楼上这个8877说话有些阴阳怪气啊.不光是这一个帖子, 好几个回帖都是这样...

不知道你是何方神仙. 个人觉得中国人在外要团结, 这些学生做得欠妥的地方, 你可以提建议. 英语不好你可以帮助啊. 你现在这样的做法算什么啊?

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我怎么都觉得楼上这个8877说话有些阴阳怪气啊.不光是这一个帖子, 好几个回帖都是这样...

不知道你是何方神仙. 个人觉得中国人在外要团结, 这些学生做得欠妥的地方, 你可以提建议. 英语不好你可以帮助啊. 你现在这样的做法算什么啊?


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FUCKING !~英语好也不至于写这么多呀!~

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Poor english, bade for RUC and for Chinese!

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