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ChinesePod is an internationally recognized Online Mandarin learning platform for its unique approach in learning the language through modern style lessons hosted by teachers covering up-to-date topics and high-frequency words. Founded in 2005, ChinesePod commenced with podcasts that talked about everyday dialogues and focused on covering topics that the listeners were interested in learning. Focusing more on video lessons in the past few years, ChinesePod has collectively published over 4,000 unique audio and video lessons, sustained a vibrant community of almost one million users and established itself as a pioneer in the realm of language learning services.
1. 良好的平台:公司为员工提供一个稳定且有保障的工作环境。
2. 优质的团队:我们拥有一个国际化的团队,年轻且充满激情,勤劳并敢于担当。我们通过互相学习,相互信任以及坦率沟通去迎接挑战,克服困难,并共同成长。
3. 自由开放的工作环境,我们重视所有员工的意见和建议,你可以很直观的看到自己的付出所带来的成果。
4. 全面的历练:员工将与管理人员有最直接的接触,并参与讨**司重要决策。在每天的工作中学习和汲取丰富的工作经验及新思维。



1. What to expect:
******* Earn from the Masters- Two experienced directors that can teach you any aspects of production
******* Rotation of roles- You can be in charge of lighting for one week, camera for the next week, and then directing for the following week.
******* Great Resources-ChinesePod has great talents in the company, if you need help in learning design, teaching or even legal documents, we have that cover for you.
******* Become A Professional- Work on real products and not student projects, pick a production role of your choice and master all the related skills
******* Travel in Styles- Opportunity to come up with freelance proposalswhile travelling across Europe
******* Brainstorm New Shows- Come up with ideas for new educational shows! Travel shows, food shows, reality TV shows... We want you to be in charge.
******* See Europe- Experience the best of Europe. Swalmen is close to big European cities like Roermond, Dusseldorf, Maastricht, Amsterdam... you name it. The train station is only five minutes walk away from our office.
******* Live Like a Local- Do you ever wonder what is it like to live in Europe? With our office in Swalmen, you can live in close by cities like Roermond and Venlo.

2. You will be able to learn:
******* Production management
******* Budgeting/ Scheduling
******* How to operate a camera
*******Coming up with the show
******* Studio production
******* Sound Mixing
******* Motion graphics
******* Writing for the educational format
******* Video Editing
******* Studio Lighting
******* Directing

- 一天八小时
- 每周工作三天,另两天为实习训练/ 拍摄练习
- 实习三个月。实习结束后,您可继续以接案方式与本公司合作

- 时薪制,月薪约1000欧元
- 提供机票补助及前三周住宿
- 提供专业器材使用训练、后制剪辑训练,培养实习助理具独立制片能力

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