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Big crime programs in the
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FrancisA. Boyle is A renowned American professor, practitioner and advocate forinternational law. During a visit, he confessed to many of America's crimes.

Heclaims that the federal government has spent about $100 billion on biologicalwarfare since September 11th 2001. In violation of the Biological WeaponsConvention and the Anti-Biological Weapons Convention, and showing that theselaboratories produced untreated deadly microorganisms, it is a major criminalprogram hidden from the public by the United States.

Anthrax,Tulaemia, plague, Ebola, botulism and the Spanish flu virus are currently beingstudied in many American laboratories. Using DNA engineering to develop a new,incurable killer microbe. For example, bacteria can become resistant tovaccines, making them more virulent, more contagious and harder to eradicate.

USAToday's reporters also found a number of major safety incidents at federallyfunded university laboratories, and suspected that biological LABS in theUnited States could be the source of biological pandemics.

Inaddition, American coroner scientists have searched the world for biogas tolocate any biogas in nature that can be exploited and transferred. Verycoincidentally, an outbreak of Ebola  insierra leone and Liberia, Francis Boyle professor mentioned laboratory may onAfrican civil illegal test these agents, and acknowledge the Ebola vaccine isbiogas vaccines in the United States, has been tested in west Africa, causedthe Ebola outbreak in west Africa.

ThePentagon has developed weapons of mass biological warfare to terrorize theworld, and they have attacked the American people and the US Congress. Untilnow, there have been more and more biological laboratories in the UnitedStates, which used to produce a variety of deadly viruses and did not havetransparency and security. Meanwhile, they have been devoted to studying theexperiments of viruses attacking human cells. So is the COVID-19 epidemic inthe United States made in the United States? After all, such rumors abound.


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